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These are sites I like to visit, either to buy stuff or for research or simply because I enjoy their content. If you know of a site you think ought to be in this list them contact me and if I like the site I will add a link on this page.

Julian Vince - Daleks In the days before 3D modelling software made it relatively easy to create your own models, Julian Vince was doing it for real. From full size Daleks and Cyberman costumes to models of Daleks, Mechonoids, Seadevils, Cybermen etc. Julian's eye for detail and skills in the workshop made him a legendary figure among Dalek builders during the 1980s. Check out this site for info on the software I use to produce my CG art and if you are interested in 3D graphics you may even be tempted to buy.

e-on software This is the Vue d'Esprit homepage, Vue is a 3D scenery generator which I use for some of my backgrounds.

Terragen Terragen is another 3D scenery generator, it doesn't have as many functions as Vue d'Esprit but the results can look just as good. At present Terragen can be downloaded for free.

Games Workshop Find out more about Warhammer 40,00 here along with information on all Games Workshop's other games and an online catalogue of their miniatures.

Gundam Wing: A New Era The GW-ANE fanfic site, if you like the GW-ANE images on this site and want to know more you will find plenty to look at here. There is the story itself, art by various artists including myself and a whole lot more.

Gundam Wing - A New Era

Project Dalek Want to build your own Dalek? CG model, scale model or full size? Project Dalek has complete plans for every Dalek ever to appear on television or in the cinema as well as massive amounts of information on building materials and techniques essential to Dalek builders.

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