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Mobile Suit Gundam Gallery

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RX-78-1 Gundam Prototype space trial Gundam  & Whitebase RX-78-3 Gundam & Salamis
Whitebase FA-78 Full Armour Gundam FA-78 Full Armour Gundam & RGM-79
GM-Cannon GMs & GM-Cannon GM team & Whitebase


For those of you not familiar with Mobile Suit Gundam it is the animated story of futuristic warfare where the main weapons are humanoid machines ten times the size of a man. The original Gundam anime series has spawned a constant stream of follow ups, TV shows, original videos and cinematic movies as well as a massive range of Gundam merchandise. There are literally hundreds of model kits available from the various shows and it is these that I use as reference when building the CG models.